Project - Bat survey and mitigation for the National Trust, Dorset

Client: National Trust
Date: 2012 to date

Description of project

Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services have been working with the local National Trust team, undertaking bat surveys and mitigation for over 30 properties within Kingston Lacey Estate and Purbeck area.


A notable site from 2016 is the Currendon Barns, near Corfe Castle. LCECO undertook surveys in 2012 recording a maternity roost of brown long-eared bats on site. Additional surveys in 2016 revealed a single very rare grey long-eared bat in an adjacent building.

The team have also indentified several greater horseshoe bat roosts around the Corfe Castle area and a brown long-eared bat maternity roost was indentified in the Kingston Lacey Estate during the 2015 surveys.


Like for like refurbishment works have been undertaken under the supervision of an LCECO licensed bat worker for several sites, whilst more extensive projects have had Natural England bat licences put in place.

Mitigation has included installation of bat boxes, carefully timed roof works to prevent impacts on the roosts, as well as permanent roost provisions created for bats and bat foraging habitat and connectivity included within the design schemes.

National Trust property

National Trust property

long eared bat

Brown long-eared bat

Grey long eared bat

Grey long-eared bat

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