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Seasonal ecology

Brown long-eared bat

Phase 1 bat survey

This survey requires an initial inspection of structures such as buildings or trees that will be impacted by the development. The structure will be assessed for its potential to support roosting bats.

Otter surveying

Otter survey and mitigation

We undertake surveys of rivers and other waterbodies for otter field signs, undertake camera trapping assessments of potential resting places and design and write mitigation strategies.

Reptile survey and mitigation

Reptile surveys are conducted between March and October. We then prepare reports to support planning applications, design and implement mitigation schemes. LCECO have licensed rare reptile surveyors.

Great Crested Newt Survey image

Great crested newt survey and mitigation

We offer a full suite of survey techniques including eDNA water sampling and full aquatic survey. Our staff undertake licensed mitigation projects including trapping, translocation and monitoring.