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bat mitigation services
Installation of bat boxes on mature trees

Protected species survey services:

Tile strips removed at Stapehill Abbey
Bat mitigation at Stapehill Abbey

Where possible existing bat roosts and habitats should be retained on site. Where this is not possible and the development is likely to result in an impact to bats then a European Protected Species Licence (EPSL) will be required in order to carry out the work.

In order to qualify for an EPSL three tests must be satisfied:

  • The development is in the interests of public health and safety or is required for other imperative reasons of overriding public interest; or the purpose of preventing spread of disease.
  • There is no satisfactory alternative to the development; and
  • The development will not be detrimental to the maintenance of the bat populations concerned at a favourable conservation status in their natural range.

Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services have held over 30 EPSL in 2016, for both health and safety and imperative reasons of overriding public interest. These covered 15  species of bat, including the rare grey long-eared, greater and lesser horseshoe and barbastelle bats.

In addition, our Director Lindsay Carrington and Principal Ecologist Jenny Sutch are  registered to use the Low Impact Class Licence. This licence ‘permits the disturbance and capture of bats and / or damage /destruction of roost/s of no more than three low conservation significance roosts, affecting no more than three of the more common species of bats present in small numbers’. During 2016 they have held several low impact licences saving clients considerable time and money.

Bat mitigation for typical housing developments can include a pre-works inspection by a licensed bat worker, supervision of works to roosting features such as stripping tiles from a roof, installation of bat boxes or tubes on buildings or mature trees; to the creation of enclosed bat lofts in new builds or the construction of new ‘bat houses’ designed to replicate the features of the roost lost.

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