Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

ecological impact assessment
Red deer (Cervus elaphus)

The practice of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been enshrined in UK law since 1988, although the legislation was updated in 1999.  EIA is required for certain developments that meet the criteria set out in the EIA Regulations to assess the environmental impacts that would arise and to propose mitigation measures that minimise these impacts to an acceptable level.  Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is the ecological component of EIA and is the process of identifying, quantifying and evaluating the potential impacts of a project on an ecosystem.

The Director of the company has extensive and in-depth experience of the Ecological Impact Assessment process, ranging from small informal appraisals to large-scale projects.  We utilise a collaborative and iterative approach to EcIA, thus ensuring that avoidance and mitigation are built into a project from an early stage and that we are able to respond to increasing knowledge of a project and its impacts.  As a consequence, we can offer expert input and advice at all stages of EcIA as follows:

  • Screening;
  • Scoping and consultation;
  • Derivation of assessment methodology;
  • Baseline ecological surveys;
  • Determination of value of ecological resources;
  • Assessment of ecological impacts;
  • Devising mitigation, compensation and enhancement measures;
  • Preparation of the ecological chapters of Environmental Statements;
  • Implementation through planning conditions and obligations;
  • Implementation on-site;
  • Monitoring.

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