Mitigation schemes

Barn owl box
Barn owl box

Mitigation is required wherever a development may have an impact on a protected species, designated site for nature conservation or other resource of ecological value.  The company has produced a wide range of Mitigation Schemes ranging from those required to obtain Natural England licences to complicated schemes required for large developments.  We are skilled at liaising with statutory and non-statutory consultees to enable permission and/ or licences for development.  Our Mitigation Schemes are designed to ensure sustainable development and to build in enhancement measures wherever possible.

Reptile exclusion fencing
Reptile exclusion fencing

Our Mitigation Schemes include innovative solutions appropriate to the situation ranging from grassland management and restoration to species translocation and subsequent controlled habitat destruction.  We have amassed a considerable amount of practical experience in implementing our Mitigation Schemes and can apply this knowledge to ensure the mitigation works on the ground.

Please see Project Examples for details of Mitigation Schemes we have designed.

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