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Andrew Heideman BSc (Hons.) ACIEEM (Senior Ecologist)

Andrew has been a full-time member of the team since 2017 and is an experienced ecologist who now manages a wide variety of projects and is accomplished in delivering ecological survey work and mitigation / enhancement strategies for clients.  Prior to joining LCES Andrew graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Science from Bath Spa University in 2011 and then following this he became extensively involved in voluntary activities within Shropshire, including botanical surveys, butterfly surveys, bird surveys, practical habitat management, and he was a committee member of a community wildlife group. Andrew also completed two seasonal contracts working for other ecological consultancies before joining LCES. During his volunteer work Andrew developed strong botanical identification and survey skills and achieved Level 4 on the Botanical Society’s Field Identification Skills Certificate (FISC). Andrew has successfully transferred his botanical knowledge and skills into his consultancy role, and he now specialises in undertaking detailed botanical surveys, assessment and monitoring work, including National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey. Andrew also has a strong interest in protected species and holds Natural England and Natural Resources Wales survey licences for dormice and great crested newt, as well as a number of Natural England mitigation licences for dormice. 

 Andrew continues to pursue and develop his specialist intertest areas in botany and landscape management through voluntary activities, visits to nature reserves, rare plant hunting, training and study. He is also continually developing his ecological consultancy skills through his work experience.  


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