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Pete Duffy (Lead Field Ecologist)

Pete started working for LCES as a seasonal ecologist in 2006 and became a permanent member of staff in 2014. He has worked as an ecologist for over 10 years with Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services. Pete is the company’s lead field ecologist and has extensive experience carrying out mitigation works for projects.

Pete has worked on a large variety of different protected species surveys including bat, reptile, badger, dormice, great crested newt, otter, water vole and nesting birds. He holds a rare reptile survey licence and has extensive experience of reptile handling/ surveying. He is a key member of staff for the large translocation projects the company deals with.

He also holds a great crested newt survey licence and has been involved in all aspects of surveying including presence absence surveys including eDNA surveys. Pete has worked a number of great crested newt translocation projects from the watching brief and fence installation to translocation of newts.

Pete has carried out work under various badger licences, including gating/monitoring and closing existing setts. Pete has been involved with the live excavation of setts under licence where this has been deemed necessary. He has also supervised the creation of artificial badger setts and can provide on-site advice.

Pete is part of the health and safety team and is also a fire warden for the company.


Great crested newt license | Health and Safety | Reptile license | Working at height | Working on water

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