Great crested newt survey and mitigation

We offer a full suite of survey techniques including eDNA water sampling and full aquatic survey. Our staff undertake licensed mitigation projects including trapping, translocation and monitoring.

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dormouse surveys and mitigation

Our experienced and licensed dormice workers can conduct dormouse surveys including initial site assessment, presence/absence surveys, and design and implementation of mitigation/monitoring schemes.

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Protected species surveys - Water vole

Our experienced workers can conduct water vole surveys, prepare reports to support planning applications and design and implement mitigation schemes, including trapping and licensed displacement.

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Otter surveying

We undertake surveys of rivers and other waterbodies for otter field signs, undertake camera trapping assessments of potential resting places and design and write mitigation strategies.

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badger surveys and mitigation

We conduct a variety of surveys for badgers including field surveys, bait marking, territory mapping, preparation of reports and the design and implementation of licensed badger mitigation schemes.

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