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We provide a range of specialist GIS services to suit the needs of ecologists and land managers. We can help you collect, process, analyse and visualise geospatial data to support your work.

Whether it is producing accurate maps for reports, or maintaining a catalogue of green infrastructure, our GIS services can help you make more informed decisions, and to provide accurate data and information to clients.

Some common services we offer:

Below are just some examples of stand alone services we can offer. Our in-house GIS and mapping capabilities are integral to all other services we are able to offer, including Ecological Impact Assessments, Biodiversity Net Gain, and all species surveys.

Digitisation of Field Surveys

Our expertise lies in the seamless digitization of field surveys, offering specialized services for National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys and UK Habitat (UKHAB) surveys. Our team ensures the accurate representation of ecological data, bringing efficiency and precision to the digitization process. Leverage our skills to transform your field survey data into a powerful digital format. During projects, we combine mobile technology to enhance data collection in the field, streamlining the digitisation process.

UKHab Baseline Habitat map
Collation of Records

We specialize in the meticulous collation of ecological records, including surveys for trees with Potential Bat Roost Features, Great Crested Newt (GCN) results for ponds, and Breeding Bird Surveys. Our thorough approach to data collection and organization ensures that you have a comprehensive and well-documented record of relevant ecological information.

BTO Bird Survey
Production of Figures for Mitigation Licences

Navigate the regulatory landscape with ease by utilizing our services for the production of figures tailored for mitigation licences. Our team ensures that your figures meet the necessary standards and provide a clear visual representation of the ecological aspects relevant to your project, facilitating a smoother licensing process.

Visualisation of Results in Maps for Reports

Unlock the power of spatial data by incorporating our visualization services. We transform survey results into detailed maps, enhancing the visual appeal and accessibility of your reports. Our GIS experts create visually compelling maps that effectively communicate ecological findings, making your reports more impactful and informative.

Full Suite of Drawings for Habitat Management and Monitoring Plans (HMMP)

Rely on our comprehensive drawing services for the development of Habitat Management and Monitoring Plans (HMMP) in alignment with Statutory Biodiversity Net Gain requirements. Our skilled team produces a full suite of drawings that visually articulate your habitat management strategies, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and promoting sustainable biodiversity practices.

What else can we offer?:

  • GIS data collection: We can help you gather and generate geospatial information from field surveys, remote sensing, CAD files. We can provide tools to aid in field data collection, such as location-aware mobile phone apps, and help to integrate those tools into your field surveying techniques.
  • GIS data processing: We can clean, filter and manage your data to ensure it is accurate and ready for further use and analysis
  • GIS analysis: We can help you find and display patterns within your data, from basic spatial queries (such as waterbodies for GCN survey), to advanced geostatistical analysis.
  • GIS visualisation: We can produce custom maps, charts and other visualisations to help you communicate your findings to others.
  • GIS training: training for ecologists, land managers and students, including QGIS for ecologists, QGIS and UKHAB surveying, QField for Surveying,
  • Biodiversity Net Gain - Data collection through UKHAB baseline surveys and condition assessments, accurate mapping of habitats, integration of CAD plans from other project stakeholders to ensure accuracy and alignment with their existing datasets, fostering a unified and comprehensive understanding of the environmental landscape.
  • Bespoke GIS solutions: If we haven't listed it, we can probably still provide it! We have excellent in house capabilities to deliver bespoke geospatial solutions to match your needs.

Released GIS products:

We have shared some of the tools we have created with the wider Ecology and GIS community, to further the exchange of good practice and data quality.

QGIS Plugins:
QGIS Templates:

We’re committed to producing high quality, accurate GIS services that meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next project.

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