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Our core team

Dr Lindsay Carrington BSc MPhil, MCIEEM (Director)

Lindsay has been working as an ecologist since 1998 alongside conducting research on habitat creation since 2003, the combination of which has developed skills in a wide range of ecological surveys, research techniques and nature conservation management principles.  Prior to establishing Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services, Lindsay worked on numerous large scale projects, such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Thamesmead Housing Development, Thames Gateway regeneration project and the West Coast Main Line refurbishment to name but a few.  Since establishing the company, Lindsay has been involved in ecological assessment of a wide range of construction projects of varying scales.  She has subsequently gained extensive experience in extended Phase 1 habitat survey, Phase 2 botanical survey such as NVC and protected species surveys, particularly bat surveys, great crested newt surveys, reptile surveys, badger surveysand water vole surveys. Lindsay has a Natural England licence to survey for great crested newts and barn owls and is a registered consultant for the Bat Low Impact Class Licence. She also has considerable experience in devising and implementing mitigation strategies for these species and has developed a related specialism in habitat restoration and creation through her research work.

Establishing Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services in 2002, Lindsay then began working towards her doctorate, researching methods into the successful establishment of semi-natural habitats on clay capped landfill and mechanisms by which they can be accelerated. Whilst her research aimed at dealing with constraints associated with the clay cap, many aspects of the research related to habitat restoration and creation in the wider context and translate directly to development related mitigation schemes.  A combination of experience gained through research and consultancy means that Lindsay has also developed skills in experimental design, establishing vegetation monitoring schemes and writing habitat management plans driven by an adaptive management principle.

 Jenny Sutch BSc (Hons.) MCIEEM (Principal Ecologist)

Jenny has worked as an ecologist for over eight years with Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services. Since joining the company in 2007, she has developed a wide range of ecological skills from survey techniques to implementing mitigation strategies. Jenny has been involved in a number of projects including Phase 1 Habitat surveys, biodiversity assessments, BREEAM assessments, a range of protected species surveys including reptiles, great crested newts, bats and dormice. Jenny holds a number of bat development licenses for species such as pipistrelle, long-eared, whiskered and serotine bats.

Jenny graduated in Applied Geography from Bournemouth University in 2005 and prior to joining the company she was involved in a range of conservation projects through her voluntary work with the National Trust in Dorset. She was involved in the Heathland Project and assisted in numerous ecological surveys including ecological monitoring programmes, grazing impact assessment, and invertebrate surveys. She has extensive experience of reptile handling and surveying for which she was involved in a large translocation project whilst working for a consultancy in Kent. During her time with the National Trust Jenny was able to gain further experience of handling and surveying for reptiles and holds a sand lizard and smooth snake survey licence.

Jenny holds a great crested newt survey licence and licences for all species of bats in all counties of England as well as being a registered consultant for the Bat Low Impact Class Licence. She has also been able to gain experience of handling and surveying dormice through monitoring programmes on the Lulworth Ranges and on RSPB reserves, and has gained her own survey licence for this species.

Alex Hannam BSc (Hons.) ACIEEM (Senior Ecologist)

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology from Aberystwyth University in 2014 and joined the company in March 2015 after conducting freelance bat surveys for other consultancies. He has experience working on a variety of small and large scale projects providing clients with advice and designing and implementing mitigation for protected species. Prior to working for the company he volunteered with the Dorset Bat Group where he worked with and handled a variety of bat species including Noctule bats, Daubenton’s bats, Brown Long-eared bats, Bechstein’s, barbastelles, and pipistrelle bats captured during netting sessions and during harp trapping, mist netting and bat box checks. Since joining the company he has undertaken various ecological surveys such as ecological appraisals, BREAM assessments, bats, reptiles, dormouse, badgers and great crested newt surveys. From his experience gained within the company and on external training courses Alex obtained a great crested newt survey licence in 2018.

Alex specialises in bat surveys and holds a Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue City and Guilds certificate as well as a Natural England Class 2 bat license. In addition to his survey licence Alex also holds European Protected Species Licences for bats and has experience in writing badger licences.

Nicola Hesketh-Roberts BSc (Hons.) ACIEEM (Ecologist)

Nicola has worked as an ecologist with Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services since 2014. During this time she has developed her project management skills and been responsible for small scale projects, including designing and implementing mitigation and undertaking watching briefs under licence to ensure the safety of protected species such as bats. Nicola holds survey licenses for great crested newt, all species of bats and rare reptiles and undertakes a range of protected species surveys, using the results to prepare ecological reports. Nicola has a keen interest in newts and reptiles and enjoys training junior members of the team on best practice survey methods for these species.

Prior to her role with LCES, Nicola was employed with Dorset Wildlife Trust for a number of years, undertaking many roles including Conservation Officer and  Conservation Skills trainee, gaining a great deal of experience in heathland management during this time.  She then took up a role as Countryside Warden at Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve, working alongside partners and the public to safeguard the protected habitats and species.

Andrew Heideman BSc (Hons.) GradCIEEM (Ecologist)

Andrew joined the company in March 2017 following the completion of two seasonal contracts with other consultancies. Andrew graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Science from Bath Spa University in 2011 and after graduation he became extensively involved in voluntary activities within Shropshire, including botanical surveys, butterfly surveys, bird surveys, practical habitat management, and he was a committee member of a community wildlife group. During his volunteer work Andrew developed strong botanical identification and survey skills and achieved Level 4 on the Botanical Society’s Field Identification Skills Certificate. Andrew has successfully transferred his botanical knowledge and skills into his consultancy roles and has undertaken a number of detailed botanical monitoring surveys, including National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey, for large-scale development projects. Andrew also has a strong interest in protected species and holds Natural England and Natural Resources Wales survey licences for dormice. In his previous consultancy roles Andrew has worked on a wide variety of projects including infrastructure, transport and housing.

Since joining the company Andrew has undertaken ecological appraisals, protected species surveys, ecological clerk of works and botanical monitoring surveys. He is currently working towards his great crested newt survey licence and he continues to develop his botanical knowledge through training and field visits with local groups.

William Davis BSc (Hons.) MSc (Ecologist)

William joined the company in February 2017 after working as an ecologist for two years in Hampshire. William graduated with merit after completing his master’s degree in species identification and habitat survey from the University of Reading. This degree was designed with the consultancy RSK and involved a six-month placement at EPR. William has worked as an ecological consultant since 2014 and has undertaken voluntary survey for a number of wildlife charities in this time.  William holds a European protected species survey licence for both great crested newt and dormouse.

William has experience working on a wide range of projects from major infrastructure projects in England and Wales to modifications to single residences. William’s work covers all elements of ecological consultancy and includes ecological survey, mitigation and enhancement planning, clerk of works and project support work. William has a significant amount of experience in surveying for bats, reptiles, great crested newt, dormouse, otters, water vole and in the creation of mitigation and enhancement for these species.

Pete Duffy (Lead Field Ecologist)

Pete started working for LCES as a seasonal ecologist in 2006 and became a permanent member of staff in 2014. He has worked as an ecologist for over 10 years with Lindsay Carrington Ecological Services. Pete is the company’s lead field ecologist and has extensive experience carrying out mitigation works for projects.

Pete has worked on a large variety of different protected species surveys including bat, reptile, badger, dormice, great crested newt, otter, water vole and nesting birds. He holds a rare reptile survey licence and has extensive experience of reptile handling/ surveying. He is a key member of staff for the large translocation projects the company deals with.

He also holds a great crested newt survey licence and has been involved in all aspects of surveying including presence absence surveys including eDNA surveys. Pete has worked a number of great crested newt translocation projects from the watching brief and fence installation to translocation of newts.

Pete has carried out work under various badger licences, including gating/monitoring and closing existing setts. Pete has been involved with the live excavation of setts under licence where this has been deemed necessary. He has also supervised the creation of artificial badger setts and can provide on-site advice.

Pete is part of the health and safety team and is also a fire warden for the company.

Elen Lesourd BSc (Assistant Ecologist)

Elen joined LCES as a part-time trainee ecologist in October 2014 whilst studying for a BSc in Ecology and Conservation Management, before becoming full time as an assistant ecologist in June 2017. During her time at LCES, Elen has developed a high standard of plant identification skills allowing detailed botanical surveys and has focused on participating in herpetological surveys and translocations.

Elen has gained experience in phase 1 and 2 bat surveys, badger, dormice and great crested newt surveys. She currently organises and participates in Phase 1 habitat surveys and ecological appraisals using the results to prepare ecological reports.

Elen also has experience in writing BREEAM assessments and ecological management plans.

In her free time, Elen participates in butterfly and botanical surveys.